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     The best way to understand the operation of Freedom Force is to think of how the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) functions. It is an influential network whose members accomplish change, not by attempting to mobilize the masses on behalf of specific issues, but by having members implement its ideology and general goals within the power centers of society, which they influence or control.

The ideology of the CFR is collectivism. Collectivists advocate controlled elections, controlled media, controlled education, the elimination of free speech, disarmament of the population, fiat money, a cartelized health-care system, military imperialism, and global government.

The ideology of Freedom Force is individualism, the opposite of collectivism at every point. Individualists advocate honest elections, a competitive media, an educational system responsive to parents, encouragement of free speech, a well-armed citizenry, sound money, freedom-of-choice in health care, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and national sovereignty.

The CFR is achieving its goals because it has acquired control over the power centers of society. We have just begun to take them back. When we do, freedom will be restored, and our goals will be achieved. That’s it in a nutshell.

A few months ago, we received a letter of complaint from Andrew J., a new member who was greatly disappointed because, as he put it, “Freedom Force doesn’t do anything.” Here are the pertinent portions of his letter:

I am not impressed with Freedom Force so far. I heard from a few people who welcomed me to membership shortly after I joined, but then I heard NOTHING from anyone in the organization until I received an email yesterday. I am absolutely astounded that I have not received one email, one piece of regular mail, or one phone call from anyone in the organization alerting me as to what the organization was doing, or inviting me to take part in some activity.… I am quite disappointed in Freedom Force. It appears to be another do-nothing organization.

I have been involved with the Libertarian Party since 1996, and for whatever dysfunction that organization has had over the years, at least I see it doing things. I have also been involved with Gun Owners of America, We The People Foundation, the Ron Paul campaigns for President, Campaign for Liberty, We Are Change, 9/11 Truth groups, and some others. I saw a lot more activity out of these organizations than I've seen from Freedom Force.

Freedom Force sounds like a good idea in theory, kind of like a pro-freedom version of the Council on Foreign Relations but, in practice, it appears to be a disorganized, ineffective, do-nothing organization.”

Andrew has raised an important issue that needs analysis, because it goes right to the heart of what Freedom Force is and how it works. This was my reply:

Hello Andrew.
The fact that a staunch member like you is disappointed because Freedom Force "doesn't do anything" tells me that our literature needs to be updated to make it clear why, actually, that is a good thing. I hope this reply will help serve that purpose.

Many donation-supported organizations devote a large part of their resources to highly visible activities that, although they have minimal impact on altering the status quo, have strong appeal to supporters. Demonstrations, bumper stickers, T-shirts, gala diners, and petition drives are offered as evidence that these groups are "doing something". Such activities are the stock-in-trade of hundreds of organizations that have led the battle for decades, and most of them are doing an excellent job. There is little need for one more group, just like the others, to join the fray. If highly visible activities are what people are looking for, Freedom Force is not for them.

Since you mentioned the similarity between Freedom Force and the Council on Foreign Relations, I know you are aware of the great influence that group has without actually "doing anything" – or so it appears. All it does is create a network of individuals with a common goal (global government based on the model of collectivism) and provide a means for them to network with each other. Through conferences and private meetings they form coalitions and promote each other within corporate and government structures they influence. That's it! The CFR is one of the most powerful groups in the world and, yet, it doesn't do anything – if by “doing something” it is meant that they don't conduct petition drives, letter-writing campaigns, organize demonstrations, or distribute bumper stickers.

One of the primary differences between Freedom Force and almost all other organizations is that it doesn't do these things and has no plans for doing so in the future. It's not that such activities are useless (although we have doubts about some of them); it’s that there are literally hundreds of groups that are devoted entirely to that sphere, whereas Freedom Force is the only organization (on the side of freedom) that seeks to become the ideological, invisible hand, the network that gently influences the programs of the power centers of society, including the many action-oriented groups.

That does not mean we are content with what we are doing. There is much more that must be done within these parameters. Right now we are exploring ways to establish an Internet-based network for members that will facilitate forging working relationships at every level. We also hope to be able to sponsor our first national conference and possibly several regional conferences as well. These will not be to educate the public but to bring activists together face-to-face so they can establish strategies and build teams. But that is getting ahead of ourselves. For right now, we are struggling just to get to the next step, which is the creation of a Leadership Council and a revamped web site.

I hope you will continue to feel the commitment to our mission that first motivated you to become a member and that you will be with us through the challenging and exciting, days ahead.

     Recently, we received a note from a new member who said he was glad to be with us and then asked: “Are we supposed to be doing something?”

That caused quite a laugh, but it was a serious question. Although there were scattered references to things that members should and should not be doing, this question made us realize the need for specific suggestions all in one place; so we have added the following list of sixteen activities for members. Bear in mind that, even though some of these are educational activities, their primary purpose is not educational but to reach out to others, to identify and network with others of like mind, and to champion the ideological principles upon which our movement is built.

1. The general answer is found in the first paragraph of our Code of Conduct: “The first order is: don’t wait for orders. Freedom Force is not pyramidal but holographic in structure. Therefore, instead of waiting for instructions from a monolithic directorate, become self-directed. Join with others when that is advantageous, but also don’t be afraid to duplicate and parallel their efforts. Experiment. Make mistakes. Find a better way. As long as your activities are consistent with The Creed of Freedom, and this Code of Conduct, the effort will be constructive. What may seem like chaos at first actually is the ferment of creativity and competition. It ultimately will far surpass the output of bureaucratic and dogmatic control from the top and it will allow the movement to spread rapidly into virtually any culture and any part of the world.”

2. Forward Unfiltered News to your non-subscribing friends. (Here is a link to the current edition: Each time, attach a personal note urging them to take a free subscription. Just imagine the impact of a million people reading Unfiltered News each week.

3. Lend or give books, CDs, and DVDs to friends. The Reality Zone is loaded with good choices at An excellent place to start is with Project Red Pill (See a description here. ) Make a list of your favorite video programs on YouTube and urge your friends to check them out. Follow up personally and, instead of preaching and editorializing, ask your friends what they think. Asking them to express themselves is a great way of starting the conversation and getting to know their level of understanding.

4. In addition to distributing CDs and DVDs, offer to show Project Red Pill programs or any others from The Reality Zone to groups. Develop a short introductory speech and be prepared to answer questions about Project Red Pill and Freedom Force. Let it be known that these programs are provided as a public service by members of Freedom Force. You will need to purchase or borrow a video projector and screen. If that is a hardship, ask others to cover the cost if you do the work.

5. Call in on talk shows. Show the connection between current events and the underlying system of collectivism. Show how they relate to the principles of Freedom Force. Let people know how to get more information.

6. Write letters to editors. Connect current issues to collectivism. Show how they relate to the principles of Freedom Force. Tell how they can get more information.

7. Write reviews for Amazon and Barnes & Noble web sites for any books or videos in which you have an interest. Show the connection to collectivism and individualism.

8. Visit elected representatives at all levels of government, especially if they lean toward individualism. Talk about ideology as much as issues.

9. Visit editors of local publications and media outlets. Do not offer yourself as an official spokesman for Freedom Force but as an enthusiastic member, a contact for reliable information, and a conduit to headquarters.

10. Run for the central committee and/or become a convention delegate of the political party of your choice. Persuade others of like mind to join you. Alone, you may not be able to accomplish much, but there is great strength in numbers.

11. Seek out those who are in tune with Freedom Force ideology. Urge them to join the team. If not successful at first, don't give up. Provide more reading materials, CDs, and DVDs. Follow up. People need to identify with a definable cause and be willing to network with others if they ever hope to becoem effective. Twenty people working together can overcome the efforts of a hundred or two hundred who decline to work together.

12. Run for office – any government position that would benefit from your leadership. Before doing so, make sure you have commitments from enough volunteers, fund raisers, and donors to conduct an effective campaign. If you don’t win, learn from your mistakes and try again next time. If you don’t feel qualified to campaign or hold office, find someone who is and convince them to run instead – but make sure they are firmly committed to the principles expressed in The Creed of Freedom. Membership in Freedom Force is an excellent test of that commitment. One office at a time, recapturing the power centers of government away from collectivists and putting them back into the hands of individualists is the only way in which freedom will be restored.

There is much more that needs to be done, but these 12 steps are a good start. Let’s get to work.

Updated 2013 November 22

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