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by G. Edward Griffin 2008 January 9

Although it would seem that the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve System are unrelated, appearances can be misleading. It is true that they are separate creatures – one that collects money and one that creates money – but upon examination, we find they are fraternal twins with common parentage and instinct. They both have grown to gargantuan proportions since their birth in 1913 and have become insatiable predators, dining on the productivity of the common man. In the case of the IRS, the perpetual feast is consumed as taxes, taken directly from our earnings and savings. In the case of the Fed, it is taken indirectly as inflation, but the net effect is exactly the same.

Consider the following facts:

1. Both were enacted into law in the same year.

2. Both laws were drafted and sponsored by the same politicians clustered around the Morgan and Rockefeller banking dynasties.

3. Both were sold to the public as measures to benefit the common man and restrict the power of the super wealthy; the same people who, incidentally, created the legislation.

4. Both provide sophisticated mechanisms whereby the super wealthy can protect and expand their wealth; but these mechanisms are denied to the common man.

5. Both are essential to the expansion of government power and the establishment of control over the masses, which is the ultimate goal of the elitists who anticipate being the hidden rulers of such a system.

6. Both are protected by leaders of the two major political parties who are amply funded by these elitists and their institutions. Politicians may speak critically of the income tax and the Federal Reserve during campaigns for election but never seriously challenge them once in office. (Congressman Ron Paul is an exemplary exception to this rule.)

7. Both creatures will continue to grow until they devour every last vestige of our personal wealth and freedom – unless they are slain. They are intrinsically deadly, and our nation cannot survive in freedom unless we replace the puppets now in Congress with real Americans who will place our nation ahead of personal gain. The IRS and the Fed must be abolished.

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