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As you can tell from my subject line (“Becoming City Hall Holographically”), I GET IT. Thanks for helping me put the JFK/11110 and BBC/Building 7 controversies into proper perspective, as well as the words to apply to a gut feeling I've always had about Collectivism and Individualism. I'm also very glad to understand why petitioning and mass civil disobedience are mostly strategies of the past. … Reality itself is holographic, and your organization is the most significant political mirror for this essence of reality I have yet come across.
     Thomas A. Davis, Houston, Texas

I am 19 and only have a G.E.D. I don't know how much use I can be to you but I am very eager to lend my mind, body, and soul to this cause. I am in need of like-minded connections. It helps me sleep at night knowing you exist. It also motivates me to help Connecticut out of the dark knowing there may be people like you who share the same passion for freedom and equality as I do. Please help me help the world.
     Brandon Valentino, Bristol, Connecticut

I watched your introductory video and was laughing at myself when you referred to hiding from the "pirates," and then feeling shocked when being captured and saying "but wait I dont have a social security card! You can't do this!" You have helped me look inside and see my fault in thinking. Instead of working to find a way to prevent becoming victimized, I need to fight these thugs, and I will. I have joined Freedom-Force and will do my best to help the cause of freedom. You have given me hope once again.
     Joe Pfeiffer

Two months ago I became increasingly concerned about mounting Government control here in the UK. My website researches led me through endless corridors of conspiracy theories, some sound, some ridiculous. I was left feeling overburdened with knowledge, but not knowing what was true and what was being put out there as "disinformation". Most of all, what was I supposed to do with all this knowledge? Then I came across Freedom Force International. I read Parts 1-4 in "The Issues", and then watched your YouTube video "An Idea Whose Time has Come". The bit towards the end when you talk about the imaginary conversation with your own grandchildren really got to me - I was in tears, but you gave me a solution to the problem. Thank you for your 42 years of research and work. Thank you for explaining so clearly, logically and factually why the status quo is what it is today. Thank you for creating an intelligent, reasoned solution to the problem. I subscribe totally to the creed, rights, freedom, principles, beliefs and plan of action that you suggest. I am not a collectivist - I am an individual. I am not an armchair activist. I would like to contact other members, to get involved, to make a difference, to bring about change.
     Max, Suffolk UK

I was recently introduced to Freedom Force from articles in Republic Magazine and I was moved by the ideals and dedication of your sorely needed organization. During my reading of some of the information, history, the"Future is Calling (parts1-4)", watching the video on part 5, the introduction of your prominent members, and many of the connecting web sites, (about2 1/2 days worth), I knew I wanted to become part of this great effort. I, too,have seen for years,the onset of "Collectivism" and the dire consequences. However, until I read the information contained in Freedom Force International, I didn't know what to call it, let alone what to do about it. I hope you continue to "shake awake" the U.S. population, who have so very, very much to loose, while they continue to play like children.
     Craig Sydney, Independence, MO.

I have been a member of Freedom Force for several months. This is regrettably a short time; I wish that FFI had come to my attention ten years ago. Nevertheless, I have joined for life. Indeed, to roll back our society's nefarious trend toward collectivism may take more than one lifetime alone, which is why I am consoled by the advent of our first child, expected in February. Boy or girl, my wife and I intend to raise this child to love humanity for the divinity imbued in it, not the "groups" to which people belong.
     Daniel Donnelly, Jackson Hts., New York.

I am truly impressed and grateful for the information Freedom Force is providing. I am not one to join anything. I believe in an old ancient passage written by Buddha, which states, "Rely on the Law and not upon persons." But since that is what Freedom Force International values, understands, and puts forth, I am in!
     Stephen Paine, Washougal, WA

I am in total agreement with The Creed of Freedom and have it hanging on the mirror in my bedroom. It feels as good, and rings as true, as many of the great writings do. Thank you for putting a laser focus on the real issues.
     Bruce N., Longmont, Colorado

I am absolutely thrilled and as enthusiastic as I've ever been about the prospects for making a real difference, because of the potential that Freedom Force possesses. I sincerely thank you for the effort you have put into this idea, and also all of your contributions towards informing the people and waking us up to the reality of our present situation.... I hope that, together, we all can make a miracle equivalent to the one our Founding Fathers created.
     Steven Bachman, Wilmington, Deleware

Indeed, the Freedom Force model is an idea whose time has come. Having realized the futility of trying to convince the public of the nature of the problems and motivating them to stand up for rational solutions, I've been seeking and pondering new answers and strategies for many years. When I recently saw you in the "Fiat Empire" video, your mention of Freedom Force led me to your web site, which I spent hours reading through last night, until 3:00 am.

The Freedom Force strategy is by far the most rational that I've ever come across, to such an extent that I didn't expect to ever find such a movement already underway. I'm relieved, and looking forward to exploring and helping to develop and implement the strategy. I sincerely thank you for your courage, honesty, leadership, and vision.
     David L., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Griffin;
I thank you for bringing Freedom Force to us. I feel more patriotic joining Freedom Force than I did when I joined the Navy in 1972. I went to fight for our country then (although they wanted to court martial me for promoting civil rights on board the USS Detroit), haven’t stopped yet, and continue to do so now, and I’m not alone anymore. I’M ON PURPOSE, AGAIN!!! Thanks for the opportunity! I will do what I can, and NOW I can do a lot! ...
     Michael Leon Makula, Garden City, Michigan.

The feeling of doom has been overwhelming. Then I watched a re-run of Out There TV. After hearing you, I immediately went to the library to look up Freedom Force (my computer is being repaired). I read until I got bumped off, and all I could think of was: Alas, Hope! ...

Once it crossed my mind that this could be dangerous. I thought, "I have grandchildren to live for." Then I pictured their future, being watched & chipped & enslaved and I thought, "I have grandchildren to die for." I'm ready for this.

On a lighter note, I am so excited and ready to get involved. Now when someone says "there's nothing we can do," I can show them that there is something. ... I'd like to start my own chapter!
     Dianne Nash, Bethalo, Illinois.

Several months ago I started doing an investigation into the realm of U.S. History and political science that is not taught in the history books. I did learn a lot of interesting information, but on the whole I was disappointed with the reasoning errors and lack of consistency that I encountered. A lot of these people had decent information, but were philosophically unsound. However, when I ... found Freedom Force, I was ecstatic. I am indebted to you for the scholarly and thoughtful work you have done, and for leading those ideas out of the ivory tower.

I am currently on a deployment with the U.S. Military but, when I get back to the states, I plan to dive in. If there is not a Boise chapter already, I would like to start one, and I believe that I have found a fair number of people to join me.
     David B., Boise, Idaho.

Freedom Force is what I have been searching for. I am 20 years old and married. I have been studying the principles of freedom since I was a boy. When I was fourteen, I swore that I would do all I could to fight for freedom. Every other group I looked at had not studied history enough or they had gone too far on the conspiracy path and were more interested in who the individuals were instead of caring about the underlying principles that brought them into power. I want you to know that I will work diligently for freedom and, unlike Greenspan, I will never sell out. The torch of freedom will stay lit here in Utah.

Ever your brother in freedom,
     Phillip Taylor, Orem, Utah,

The more I read from Freedom Force, the more the fire inside me glows. The ongoing awakening and realizations regularly bring me to tears. Best described as a combination of excitement, enlightenment, and reconnection with what I always knew and felt deep inside but had it well locked down by "the system. Also there's emotion due to the tragedy of it all. The waste, the loss, and for what? In fact it's this that makes me defiant that this must stop, and I'm going to do what I can to stop it NOW. We have the Internet, we have technology, we have all the tools and information at our fingertips to do big things, achieve great things, get results. With each new report from Freedom Force, my remaining questions and confusions continue to melt away. There are still questions, but my faith in freedom is now set in concrete. Thank you Ed Griffin. Thank you Freedom Force.
     Paul Chermak, Cromer, Australia

Initially I was reluctant to join because I was not sure I would be able to participate in organizational work, but now I appreciate the elegance of the organization's structure and realize there are many other activities open to me better suited to my personality. There is, indeed, something for everyone. Freedom Force is a light in the darkness, or rather a pile driver in the quicksand. I see now that I have done as much as I can alone. I have no choice but to join.
     Paul Swattridge, London, United Kingdom

I think The Creed of Freedom is one of the most profound, incisive, accurate, and noble documents I’ve ever come across. All the essentials on one page. Amazing!
     Heath C. Trial, San Antonio, Texas.

I am not a leader, I do not have a lot of energy, and I never was a good public speaker, but I HAVE to support this organization at least with some money. I believe in the ideals and the Code of Conduct, and I will do what I am able.
     Judith Woodruff, Chesterland, Ohio.

My partner and I are totally aligned with the principles and mission of Freedom Force International. It is brilliantly organized and I know it will work!!! I have been waiting for this all my life. Howard and I have heard the future calling and the past reminding us of our duty. We love the logo and the Latin quote. Perfect! We had come to the same conclusion - that without reclaiming personal power, this world wasn't going to get any better.... At last, we have found a way to do something for ourselves and for future generations.
     Terri Zink and Howard Sambol. Larkspur, California

I love being on the Freedom Force team. I have known that we have to be international for many years, as the banking cartel and one-world government are international in scope. Freedom and peace will never come from governments or even religions. Governments manipulate and control. Religions are too busy fighting over which of them has the most priority with God. Freedom Force IS the answer.
     Alice Lorraine Hill. Oxnard, California

I've come across many organizations in my time with views that seem quite near to my own feelings and beliefs but not quite near enough for me to espouse wholeheartedly and wholemindedly. Freedom Force has been a welcome exception.
     D. Andrews, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

I knew there HAD to be a solution out there, and Freedom Force is the one I’ve been looking for.… The feeling I get is that our movement is like a mushroom cloud of energy that keeps getting bigger, i.e., an idea whose time has come. It infuses every corner of society until the enemy can’t deal with it. It overwhelms it. That’s what happened with the Marxist-Leninist idea for years amongst the corrupt, the ignorant, and the misled. It grew like a cancer. Now we have found the antidote, or the antibodies for it. We CAN defeat it. … It’s not that "Knowledge is Power," but Knowledge MOTIVATES. Then Knowledge plus RIGHT ACTION becomes the answer…. So, let me at it!
     Roger Eshleman, Van Nuys, California

The elegance of the concept behind Freedom Force is that it is much more than a mere solution. Solutions are things you do to solve problems. Freedom Force is more than that. It is a formula for creating and maintaining a free society. It is nothing less than a plan to make and maintain an environment of liberty.

To aspire to come to power in order to enslave is the most ignoble aspiration I can think of, while to aspire to come to power in order to coax our fellows to be free and responsible … that seems worthy, and much more interesting. Someone will always come to power. More and more, it will be those who ascribe to The Creed of Freedom. The plan will take time, perhaps generations, but it will change the world.
     John Ferguson, Charlotte, Texas

The core of everything I have been doing with We The People and as National Coordinator of America Freedom to Fascism (the documentary film produced by Aaron Russo) is founded on the bedrock principles of freedom and liberty as outlined so eloquently by Ed Griffin in Freedom Force International. I proudly carry the one ounce of FFI silver in my pocket every day, and the FFI coat of arms stands high above our sideboard in our living room.
     Fred Smart, Evanston, Illinois

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